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following the 9:00 Worship Service in the Fellowship Hall, Sundays.

Sign up sheet/ calendar for volunteer hosts is on bulletin board in Fellowship Hall.

In person, indoor services are being held at 9:00 AM, in the sanctuary Sunday mornings. 


Sunday Worship Services live stream and recordings will remain available on Quickel's Facebook Page, just search Quickel Lutheran Church

Everyone is invited to request our virtual links by contacting the Quickel e-mail or phone for links:


  • Monday evening  Adult Faith Formation ZOOM class

       @ 7:00 PM.

  • Thursday evening  Pastor's ZOOM Bible Study @  7:00 PM.

Pray, keep in touch, keep safe, stay at home if not feeling well, wear your masks if not vaccinated, or if you choose to, wash your hands, continue follow social distancing as needed, reach out and do all you can to share, to show kindness and to be helpful to all others!  Blessings!

Our church office remains open in the Parish House and

Pastor Roy Stetler is available as needed.

We continue to keep in touch, offering online messages, sermons & chats, YouTube videos of Services, prayers as well as personal phone calls and cards.


Moment by moment as we open ourselves to God’s compassionate presence in prayer, we are joined with God and one another.  May God’s patience and love bring you peace.     


Pastor Roy Stetler

Quickel Offers:

Coffee Hour after the 9:00 Service


Faith Formation @ 9:15 AM

in the Nave


Devotional Bible Study

G.A.G. Golden Age Group


Women of LIFE



F.R.O.G. Forever Reigns Our God


Q.T.I.P.S. Quickel's Team

Involved in Parish Service


Accolyte & Processional Groups


Knit Wits


Community Service Projects


Confirmation Classes





Children's Sermon


Walking Group



Movie Nights



First Communion Classes



Bible Adventure for Conewago Elementary School



"Heavenly Father, Grant us understanding and respect for other faiths and denominations that are different from ours.  Lead us in partnering with congregations in our community in doing Your work with Our hands. In Jesus' name we pray."



We at Quickels WELCOME YOU and hope you will come and experience God's love with us!
Pray Daily for God's wisdom, understanding, guidance, and grace for everyone.    


We believe in God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ for all people. This Good News is not our sole possession, but a gift we share with many other Christians and churches around the world.

We believe and worship God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and live this out in a community of faithful, flawed, and forgiven followers.

We believe God speaks to us through the holy scriptures, welcoming, embracing, and challenging us to follow Jesus.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is at work in and through us to share God’s love and bring hope and healing to the world around us.

We work and serve with non-profits, ecumenical, and interfaith partners, to make a difference in the lives of others.

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