July 15, 2015

Our youth and their advisors are still getting their hands dirty for a great cause. This is a paradise in Detroit, enjoy the beatiful pics.



This says it ALL...




Where dreams are starting. Changing an old building into a Community Resource Center.  This may take some time  to become a reality because they do not have the funding. But they are moving forward with our help.















Organic lawnmower, also known as Melissa, doing a lot of hard work!





















Not sure but I really think Pastor Barb is standing in  poison ivy LOL. We'll know soon enough!












Actually Pastor and Melissa are clearing an area with others to expand the Urban Farm.


























Everyone digging in to work the soil (which by the way looks pretty good) to expand the garden.  Misty and Wendy planted chocolate cherry tomatoes with help from Candace, a volunteer at The Urban Farm.




A nice little orchard!




Nature always finds a way, God Bless!


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