• Pastor Roy Stetler

Tuesday of Holy Week

We love solutions.  Give us a challenge, we will overcome it.  Look at our nation right now.  There is a place for solutions even as there is a place for patient, trust-filled waiting.  At times when we feel the sharp edge of our limitations, rather than letting go in prayerful meditation, we feel compelled to fix.  We are impatient; but for now, we wait.  We wait for the infection curve to “flatten,” we wait for a vaccine, we wait for things as simple as the return of toilet paper to the shelves.  Wisely, we cooperate with measures to reduce infections and entrust to God those who are helping the ill; but, for the most part, we are waiting, in faith.

When some Greeks ask to see Jesus (John 12:20), he speaks, “My hour has come.  The only way for fruit to be born is for the seed to let go of its perfect seed form.  It must die, so that something new may grow.  If the seed insists on remaining a seed, it will never bear fruit.  But if it lets go, then something new may happen.  Whoever serves me, must follow me.”   I imagine Jesus too felt the compulsion to fix, to heal, to bring justice and light to those around him.  Some of the women disciples and a few desperate men received his invitation to practice deeply trust-filled prayer, in love.  However, the struggling twelve disciples suggest that something more, something new is needed and about to become.  God give us patience to gaze on Jesus as he releases his life back to God.   

Peace and healing as we prayerfully watch and wait.   

Roy Stetler Pastor, Quickel Evangelical Lutheran Church Zion View/York, Pennsylvania 717.350.5057

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