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  • Pastor Roy Stetler


Tomorrow we will livestream (via Quickel's facebook page) our "socially distanced" Easter service from Quickel at 9am.  Afterward we will post the service to Quickel's YouTube channel.   Peace to you and your family.

Yesterday was a restless Good Friday.   I missed the comfort of being with God’s people on the day of faith grounding sorrow. I recalled a decade of Good Fridays at Country Meadows and another decade of Good Fridays in Dillsburg. Two years ago, my mother died on Palm Sunday. Five days later I attended a joint Good Friday service. The other leaders preached and prayed, giving me space to simply be present. It was a comfort to be lost in being.

Holy Saturday is a day to be.  The events of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday swirl in our hearts, mingled with this year’s chances and changes--viral pain evenly dispersed by distance.  This month, each day is an experiment in being with rising awareness.  But today, Holy Saturday, might we be aware of our own being--as were the disciples painfully in their grief?  Was it all a failure?  Where is God?  Not here!  Good News?   Silence.   Despair hangs like thick clouds over dry land.  They are grounded by the Sabbath.  We are grounded by Covid-19.  When it comes to Presence, right thoughts or right prayers can be as distracting as a constant stream of Netflix or good books. 

Today we have a particularly fresh opportunity to be present.  Yes, such being takes a life-time of practice.   But tomorrow’s faith is born of courage to release ourselves into today’s grief and uncertainty.   This day it is enough to be.  Peace and Mercy in the freedom of this day.

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