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  • Pastor Roy Stetler

Invitation to virtual gathering Sunday 9 am

Bishop Jim Dunlop recently encouraged our congregations to be patient as we wait for a safe, responsible time to reopen our churches.  We miss gathering for activities and worship.  We long for our lives to return to “normal” and those who prevented from working, to get back to work.  Waiting is frustrating.  We wish for an “all-clear” signal to be given—Oh that it were as simple as flipping a switch!   Instead, we look to medical professionals and those who study and forecast infectious diseases to guide us in making wise decisions. 

As we wait, we can continue to help one another with phone conversations and emails.  We help everyone by keeping up our social distancing.  If we are able, we can offer assistance to our neighbors and friends who have needs.  It is unsafe for the most vulnerable among us to go out for groceries and other errands.  If you are aware of a need which you cannot help meet (or have such a need), please be in touch with me or another congregational leader.  Our people are glad to help. 

This evening as I look out to the east, I see the setting sun shining on the trees and hills.  God's presence in creation continues to remind me of hope.  I hear stories of you and others showing courage with selfless service to neighbor, and I am further reminded that God is at work in us and among us.  We have this ministry to help one another by sharing what we can, how we can.  Thank you to those who have been able to give generously by mail for Quickel’s mission and to those who are saving their contributions for when we gather again.  Please consider giving to the Northeastern Food Pantry by sending a check to its address:  4832 N. Sherman St. Ext., Mt Wolf, PA  17347.  Any amount will be welcomed and will help feed our neighbors. 

Again, Sunday's service will be available on Quickel's facebook page and YouTube channel starting at 5am (Go earlybirds!)  Spoiler alert, there are no backward tumbles but the children's lesson recalls Jacob's journey north where he finds a new life and continues his journey with God.

Moment by moment as we open ourselves to God’s compassionate presence in prayer, we are joined with God and one another.   God’s patience and love bring you peace.  

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