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  • Pastor Roy Stetler

Invitation to Holy Week

Each year Christians follow Jesus and his disciples into Holy Week. But this year is so very different: We will not be physically present with one another. In many ways this year’s journey is an inward one. In the Scriptures God is portrayed as the main Actor. God is Just, God is merciful, God is love. Early on when Jacob is lost, cut off from his family, God promises Presence, descendants, and land. When Jacob’s descendants are enslaved in Egypt, God sets them free to follow Moses back to Jacob’s promised-land. Many years later Jesus proclaims anew God’s welcome. The common people rejoice in his “new” message of justice and mercy. They cry “Hosanna! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!” He is a breath of fresh air—not proclaiming the “same old, same old” stale god of power who benefits the strong and cares little for the suffering of the weak. Yet, as time passes it becomes evident to Jesus that proclaiming the Good News of God’s justice and mercy will cost his life. But he has resigned himself to the loving kindness of God: He will not be silenced. He is not afraid of their threats because he has sown his life in God’s field of compassion. Tomorrow, we honor Jesus with palms in our hands or in our memories. His Passion pleads with us to further entrust ourselves to God’s justice and mercy. The salvation Jesus lifts up by his life and death sets us free to live in love and stumble into peace. Perhaps our inward journey this week can be to gaze upon Jesus as the one who practices humble, selfless love. May we be mindful of Christ’s presence as we watch and wait with our Lord. We invite you to begin this journey in love with Quickel’s Palm Sunday service which will soon be available on our YouTube channel and Facebook page. Health, Peace, and a soul nourishing Holy Week to you.

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