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Food Distributuin April 25, 2020

Yesterday a small crew of Quickel folks distributed about 1000 FEMA meals received from the National Guard to about 50 families made up of 140 people at and near Meadow Run Mobile Home Park.  This year we weren’t sure how we might collect food as we have twice a year in the past to share with neighbors.  So it was a pleasant surprise when we learned just this week that we could apply for this opportunity.  We were given 2300 meals to give away and will make plans to distribute the remaining 1200 or so meals.    One of the residents joined in by donating a cache of tomato soups and we shared those too. 

I was reminded in this past week’s events, of prayer.  When we pray, do we listen, or mainly make suggestions? Are we open to the unexpected?  We often pray safely.  I am sometimes afraid of hearing a voice calling me to do something I just can’t, or would rather not, do.  So, what if we begin with “Yes?”  What if we entrust the results even before we know the subject?  Do we have the courage to wait?  In stillness, listening with the core of our being--with our bodies—for the voice of the Spirit?  Can we release our preference for assurance and certainty so that we may know intimacy with God?

This moment is for humble courage.  This season of great change and great needs has great opportunity.   Yet the Spirit is in no hurry.  She has all the time in the world.  Do we have time?  I spent some time behind our barn this evening listening to the crows and cardinals and other song birds singing their benediction to the day.  It was a listening prayer--free from worry, desire, and fear, only simple joy.  I was drawn.  May we all find moments to be drawn in love.

Quickel’s service will be available tomorrow morning as it has been recently on our YouTube channel and Facebook page.  Thanks again to Cindy, Gail, and Joyce who gather to make this service available to you.  We are all one in our prayers, emails, text, phone calls, and love. 

Peace to you, and courage for listening, Pastor Roy

Roy Stetler Pastor, Quickel Evangelical Lutheran Church Zion View/York, Pennsylvania 717.350.5057

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