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Chat: March 8, 2020

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Seeds of Kindness

Sunday afternoon I grabbed some freshly purchased grass seed and headed out to the weediest and most used part of our pony pasture.  I started using hand held spreader, but I resorted to casting the seed by hand.  That movement connects me to all the farmers in my ancestry going back thousands of years.  It’s a simple, beautiful thing.  I always wonder how many seeds will germinate and become grass.  Afterward I threw down some hay the ponies rejected (clearly they are not hungry!) on the bare spots because I could feel the starlings and sparrows watching me even though I didn’t see them.  Our back yard with feeders is a haven for birds.  They would naturally assume this is a new way to offer bird food.  I can imagine their thoughts, “How kind of the two armed creatures to come to us!”  So far they have left it alone.

As I spread the seed, I couldn’t help but think that all of us are finding new ways to spread seeds of kindness, mercy, and peace.  Such as the 5 minute conversation, as the sun was setting, which I finally had with my neighbor across the street.  Usually winter time chats are over freshly fallen snow.  Not so much this year.  With what looks like an extended period of keeping up physical distances, we are all being challenged to find new ways to sow relationship seeds.  To make it a point to call or email just to see how the other is doing.  We all know of people that will need support since they should not be going out because of their age or health.  We also know of those who need emotional support for one reason or another.  This present health and economic crisis is an opportunity to reach out in new ways, sowing seeds of kindness and mercy.  These thoughts, words, and actions of mercy are prayer; and they will keep us growing in the love of God.  They are the love of Christ in flesh.  Grace is not a “head event.”  Grace is a “hands and feet” prayer event.

Please let me or another leader in our congregation know if you are aware of a need in our community that we can work on together.  Your idea might be the seed that grows into a tree of kindness and mercy.

God fill you with strength and grace as you are the living and active Body of Christ to the world.    Today.  Right now.

  1. Pastor Roy

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