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  • Pastor Roy Stetler

Baptism as love rising

Christians see baptism as a sign of God’s welcome:  “Here is a child of God!”  Baptism’s water is a reminder of our true identity in God’s mercy.  To be baptized is to be consecrated in love.   I Peter 3:21 links baptism and resurrection--we are raised in and with Christ (in love!)  as we are washed in water. 

John 14 sums up the essence of Jesus’ ministry as love.  God is love.  Love is the foundation of life.  So, what about disappointment and grief?   Without exception, disappointment is an invitation to a deeper journey, an insistence in something more, a prayer for grounding.  Grief is an inevitable companion with love.  Its painful work points us back to the Light, back to resurrection, to love’s rising. 

Faith’s span from baptism’s birth to death’s release is the journey into the true self in Christ’s love.  We receive, share, and release.  As in Jesus, love is the expression of relationship.  Or, is relationship the expression of love?   Either way, God is our trustworthy relationship with all.  In relationship, in love we are learning to let go of fears and certainties.  This is an all-consuming journey.

Thanks be to God for the enduring hope of Christ’s love rising, especially in faith growing uncertainty.

Roy Stetler Pastor, Quickel Evangelical Lutheran Church Zion View/York, Pennsylvania 717.350.5057

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