• Pastor Roy Stetler

Chat: Avocados March 21, 2020

In this new season of precaution, warnings, and concern for physical and financial wellbeing, I feel a growing awareness of profound need.  The ground seems to have moved beneath our feet as many of our assumptions are tested.  I’ll admit the last few times I have walked into the grocery store and seen empty shelves, I have been sorely tempted to get more than I need of what is left.  Early on I purchased a bag of small avocados from the “rotten shelf.”  A week and a half later, they are in pretty rough shape. (Beware anyone trying to sell you avocados based on pictures!!)  If asked how I am doing these days, I respond, “Oh, fine.”  Yet “fine,” is complicated.  I have this deepening awareness of the fragileness of our existence and how much we all depend on each other.  That is a good thing, right?  I believe so.  But we are not used to thinking of ourselves as fragile and in relationship to everyone and everything around us.  Our growing awareness (if we pause long enough to listen for the relationships) might be mistaken for fear and anxiety.  But if we are mindful, we can hear the Spirit as she calls us to greater depths of openness to each relationship.  Many have found the chances and changes of our lives to be a ‘reset button’ back to reality.  They are God’s welcoming invitation to renew our faith, in prayer.  Prayer is words.  Prayer is gut feeling.  Prayer is intense, humbling, connection between us and our known and unknown neighbor.  Prayer is confession of absolute reliance upon the Other.  In prayer we entrust each fragile relationship to God’s abundant care.  We are being reminded (as individuals, as a nation, and planet) that strength grows out of humble, honest, healthy relationships with the Divine Mystery expressed in every member of creation.  Each relationship is interwoven with ‘deep trust’ prayer.  The peace of Christ is filling us as we learn to release ourselves into this Mercy.  –Pastor Roy

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