• Pastor Roy Stetler

Wednesday of Holy Week: Impending Betrayal

The Gospels reveal a busy and emotional Holy Week for Jesus.  He is frustrated that the faith of the people around him is distracted and that the crowds are more interested in parades than being formed by faith in God’s care for all.  He rages that business interests around the temple outweigh worship and study.  Jesus is welcomed to a meal and embraced with faithful affection.  Then it appears that one of his own is plotting to betray him.  Yet even betrayed trust does not distract Jesus from his mission to live and proclaim God’s abundant provision with invitation to share.  He leans in, heaving his journey cross-ward.

Betrayal.  We have all experienced that sinking feeling that tempts us to react to deep disappointment by drawing inward, protecting ourselves from further injury.  Perhaps the betrayer, as for Jesus, is a friend.  Perhaps we have felt betrayed by an employer, that we were not given a fair chance.  As in our childhood, when we cried out, “It’s not fair!,”  and an adult was sure to respond, “Life isn’t fair.”  Right now we are perplexed to make sense of the new corona virus and our resolve to stop its spread.  Many are suffering physically and economically as we try to respond sensibly as a society.  Sadly, those more likely to suffer, again fall along the typical socio-economic divides of race, poverty, and disadvantage.  Betrayal.   We continue our gaze upon Jesus as he plods with a steady stride, discerning the call and cost of God’s love.

Roy Stetler Pastor, Quickel Evangelical Lutheran Church Zion View/York, Pennsylvania 717.350.5057

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